What is the process to become an overseas volunteer with CSCC and how long does the process take?

The first step of the process is filling out the application which can download (at “Volunteer With Us”) from our website then send to info@camillianchiangrai.org. We will check your two references, and then your acceptance will be decided. Please note that we reserve the right to request police clearance certificate.

Where is CSCC’s center located?

The Camillian Social Center is located in Chiangrai, northern province of Thailand. Please look at the following … MAP.

What is the minimum time requirement for volunteering?

Length of stay will be determined on an individual bases.

When is the best time to volunteer with CSCC?

Anytime outside of school holidays is a good time. Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai – the Home of Charity management schedule is almost the same as most of schools in Thailand. Our center will have children to visit their villages during summer holiday from beginning of March to the middle of May and one month at the school term breaks in October. So we will have no volunteer at the mentioned periods.

How much does it cost to volunteer with CSCC?

Volunteering, lodging and meals are all free; however, donations to offset costs would be appreciated.

Are there any other additional costs?

Additional costs could include any special foods, sightseeing trips, international calls, or airfares to the centers, or any such form of transportation, travel insurance, vaccinations, etc.

What are the accommodations like?

The accommodation provided for volunteers is quite normal standard room. The room has bed, mattress, pillow and blanket. The bathroom facilities are simple with hot water and western style toilets. Our accommodation is on the premises; room contains two beds with a private bathroom.

What do the meals usually consist of?

All the food that is provided at the center is local Thai foods. The staple food in the center is rice. It is supplemented by fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, etc. The food is sometimes spicy, sometimes bland.

How can I find the center once I arrive at the airport?

We will pick our volunteers up from Chiangrai airport or bus terminal. We will be sure to ask volunteers travel itinerary before their arrival date.

Will there be other volunteers at the center with me?

It depends on when you are volunteering. You will be able to find out before you go if you are volunteering alone or not.

What are my goals and responsibilities as a CSCC volunteer?

Home Of Charity (HOC), under care of the Camillian Social Centre, is primarily seeking persons with skills. The HOC is a centre for special needs children. Our children come from remote villages in northern Thailand. Children range in age from 4-18. The centre is an environment where children learn how to become as independent as possible. Some of our children attend a local school; those not able to attend are taught at our onsite school.

We are interested in having volunteers, focusing on persons with training. We are requesting persons to assist us in many areas, professional and non professional. Professional persons share their expertise in areas such as speech therapy, assist with our existing physical therapy program, occupational and cognitive therapy….etc. Non professional persons who have skills are encouraged to take part in and teach arts and crafts, acting, basic computer applications, music, creative dance, yoga…etc. You will also be responsible for doing work for CSCC internationally.

Will we have a day off for sightseeing?

You will have two days off per week (on weekend). While there, You may also prearrange with us to take off several days at some point for sightseeing.

Please contact info@camillianchiangrai.org for more information or contact our previous volunteers directly.