Home of Charity

The Home of Charity was officially inaugurated on November 15, 2009 and provides free on-site care, rehabilitation and education for children with physical and learning difficulties. Our aim is to provide our children with an opportunity for future independence. The majority of our residents are hill tribe children from Northern Thailand. Most are from the Akha tribe, others are from Karen, Yao, Hmong and Lahu. Many children come from poor and broken families.

Home for Ethnic Minorities Children

The Home for Disadvantaged Children began in 1992 as a small home in Sriwichien village, housing 30 students. In 1997 this number had grown to 150 and the home was moved to its current location just outside the village. In 2001 The Camillian Social Center Chiang Rai was founded and today there are 230 hill tribe children from Akha, Mhong, Karen, Lisu, Yao, and Lahu tribes, staying at the center. The children attend grades 1-6 at the local school, Mae Khao Tom Tha Sut School which is located approximately 3 Kilometers from the center. The center staff, Sisters and Fathers work hard to ensure that the children are cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Formation House

Camillian Formation House Chiangrai is under the care of Camillian Social Center Chiangrai and was officially opened in 2005. Its purpose is to educate, teach and train Catholic teenage boys in North Thailand, studying between grade seven to grade 12, who are interested in the Camillian Order mission and potentially becoming a priest.

Higher Education Scholarship

Through our Home for Disadvantaged Children we provide accommodation and support for hill tribe children aged between grades one and six. Once our children become too old to live at the center, our scholarship program ensures each child has the opportunity to continue studying in higher education (usually at boarding school). We do this by helping them choose the right school for them, providing all additional school fees (outside Government contributions), living expenses and counsel when required.

Helping the Sriwichian Community

The Sriwichian village is where the Camillian Social Center Chiangrai’s work first began. It started in 1973, before the center was officially established, when missionaries started to nurse and support those that were suffering with leprosy. This then expanded to helping the children of our patients with their health and education, to where we are today – helping the poor, elderly and sick, providing moral and religious guidance and helping everyone in the community build a better life.

Health Check Program

The Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand, through its Camillian Social Center Chiangrai and Camillian Hospital in Bangkok work in collaboration to address health and medical issues in remote hill tribe communities with a commitment to promote and instill better health.