When more than 400 years ago, Camillus de Lellis formed a community of brothers to serve the sick out of love, he was living out his charism – his gift of the Spirit for the good of God’s people. Camillus took this special gift and nourished it with sacrifice, vision and charity. Its success led to the charism being developed into a passionate Catholic force – the Camillian charism – one that has and continues to touch the lives of millions.
It has been just over 60 years since the first three missionaries of the Camillian Order arrived in Thailand in 1952 with this same mission – to provide services to the poor, sick and elderly with a sense of love and compassion with the blessings of God.

Move forward 20 years and in 1973 Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand was established. Run by the Camillian monastic order, the charity’s objectives are to promote and support the activities of its 10 centers that continue to serve its Order mission. The Camillian Social Center Chiangrai is one of these.

Our center‟s mission also began in 1973. It was at this time that victims of leprosy began migrating from Laos and China to what is now known as the village Ban Sriwichian in the Chiang Rai province. With so many sick, missionaries of the Camillian Order began caring, nursing and providing spiritual guidance to these patients – and with so many other villagers poor, elderly and in need, this then expanded to developing the entire community. As well as health care; drinking water, farmland, a community church and kindergarten were also established – and 40 years on, our center is now situated in the heart of this village and our support remains strong.

In 1992, the Camillian Social Center Chiangrai officially became registered and as the years have progressed, our initial support for the victims of leprosy and the Sriwichian community has broadened. Our original work highlighted just how many disadvantaged remote communities and children there are in need around North Thailand and through our dedication to the Order, we have expanded our support to include the children of leprosy patients and hill tribe children that are poor, orphaned or living with physical and learning difficulties.

our aim is to ensure that all hill tribe children throughout North Thailand and their communities are given the opportunity to build a better life. Our hope is that one day, all disadvantaged children and the hill tribe communities we serve will have free access to social care, health care and education, regardless of wealth, nationality and religion. 




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