Higher Vocational Training School

Supporting the center’s older hill tribe children into higher education.

Through our Home for Disadvantaged Children we provide accommodation and support for hill tribe children aged between grades one and six. Once our children become too old to live at the center, our scholarship program ensures each child has the opportunity to continue studying in higher education (usually at boarding school). We do this by helping them choose the right school for them, providing all additional school fees (outside Government contributions), living expenses and counsel when required.


  • To enable grade six children living at the center to study in higher education.
  • To fully support children in higher education under the center’s care with the housing, clothing, food and equipment required to help build a brighter future.


Approximately half way through the academic year, Fathers, Sisters or Care Providers talk with our grade six children living at the center about the various higher education schools available to them and discuss their preferred choices.

Staff at the center will prepare each child’s application document. Upon being accepted, Father or a member of the staff will go with each of our children to enroll and settle them into their new residence.

Director of the center, Sister or members of staff will join our children on the first day of semester, Orientation Day, to support them in this new stage.
Ongoing support is always available and Father or Sister or members of the staff take many opportunities to visit our children and provide support and guidance whenever needed.


Hill tribe children (including Akha, Hmong, Karen and Lahu) living at the center who have completed grade six in their local school.